State Representative Announces Candidacy For New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District Seat in the U.S. House of Representatives

State Representative Joseph L. Sanchez, (D) District 40, has announced that he is running to fill New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District Seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Sanchez states: “I view the opportunity to run for the CD3 Seat as an opportunity to create and further policy having a larger, more positive impact on our northern New Mexico Communities. My passion, desire and innovative thinking will serve CD3 well in the United States House of Representatives”.

Sanchez is a rancher for ranchers. He is an engineer who advocates for advances and access to the latest technology. He is a musician who supports improved education and the arts. But moreover, Sanchez states: “I’m a Democrat and I am deeply concerned about and committed to assuring that the needs of our communities in the 3rd Congressional District are not overlooked, that the needs of the people of CD3 are addressed, that our rights are protected, and that our economy and well-being is improved”.

Sanchez adds: “I am a coalition builder and will build community coalitions and coalitions with other members of Congress. I will listen to the needs and ideas of the people of CD3, and I will advance and support policy through our legislative process to ensure that we achieve expected results. I envision a path where our families and communities are thriving, not just surviving. I envision a future where together we can bring increased results for northern New Mexico families in the areas of public health, the environment, the economy, energy sustainability, human rights and our overall quality of life. I am committed to effective representation and will work tireless to address our family’s and community needs and not those of special interests”.

In the coming days and weeks, the campaign to elect Joseph Sanchez to Congress will be reaching out to many people at the grassroots level for support. A grassroots-led campaign is how Sanchez envisions the start of community coalitions working together and rising up to be counted!

Join Joseph on this campaign as together we can succeed and make the 3rd Congressional District better for all; for the sake of our families, failure is not an option!



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